Apply Speed Test Fixes

By now you would have received your results from your Website Speed Test.

Your online speed test is probably the most important thing you have done for your website

CONGRATULATIONS: You have taken the steps to optimise your website. As you probably already know, OnlineBiz360 is determined to help you with these tedious tasks that are time consuming for you. Most businesses end up not doing these tasks, and saying, “I can always do that later.” and their online business suffers.

STEP 1: You have made the right choice to fix your website speed now before it gets slower.

STEP 2: The next step is now to allow our qualified developers to go in to the admin area of your WordPress, or the backend of your website, to help apply the fixes you need to speed up your site. A basic admin access to your website is required.

STEP 3: We run another Speed Test to make sure your site is faster, and responding the way it should.


BILLING: This will be determined by the amount of work that must be done and is determined by hours of work. We will issue a full speed test report “before and after” for the work we have completed as proof.

Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.393.7034 or email us at

If you are not a member on the OnlineBiz360 Network, you can still benefit from a Website Speed Test. Click the link below to contact us directly in regards to these services. We will assist you to achieve the best results for your business!