Social Media Tips

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Running a business?

Then when would you find the time to manage your Social Media? These are the questions you need ask yourself when deciding on social media. You can’t not do it, so let us help!

Choosing the best Social Media platform is the hard part. Take a look…

Step 1: Who is your customer?

Identify your audience. Ask yourself these questions.

• Who is your typical customer?

• What age group is your target customer?

• Which gender is your customer?

• What is the average income in your customer’s demographic?

• What is most likely to sell to these customers?

Use these questions and answers to help build out your likely customer profile.

Step 2: What are your goals?

Defining your goals early in the game is essential to your success online. As a business owner, your primary goal is to drive sales by attracting new customers, and building on relationships with existing clients, but in the terms of Social Media, it is mainly to build a solid network of customers interested in your products and services.

Think of ways to use Social Media to build your brand, network, and promote to your new customers using the tools provided in each Social Media platform.

Step 3: Which platform will you start with?

Search the demographic for the customers you are looking for. Find them by doing the research to know which social platform they are most likely to be using. You’ll also want to consider how active your audience is on that platform. As an example, Facebook is active, but not more than Instagram. Instagram is where the action is, and a great place to start.





• 1.3 Billion users

• Used to build relationships

• Used to reach old friends

• Used to create Social Networks

• Good to maintain relationships with existing clients

• Limited promoting reach, maybe too many users





• Excellent platform to build brand awareness

• Utilizes Hashtags, super popular

• Using Hashtags, you can follow trends

• Using Hashtags, you can learn what people are talking about

• Take part in popular conversations by following Hashtags

• Real-time updates available, good for promotions and events





• Used for “scrapbooking” or “pinning” photos to a virtual bulletin

• Mostly used by females

• Mostly used for recipes, style ideas, hot photos, and DIY crafts

• Use of strong graphics is necessary





• 1 Billion users, vastly popular

• More than 1 Billion reach

• No sign up required, used by many

• Largest Search Engines online next to Google

• Great place to promote using video

• Videos can be shared to multiple social media(s)





• Older audience, very popular

• 30-49 age group

• Jobs search site, and networking platform

• B2B Lead generation site

• Job recruiting website, used by major corporations

• Great place to search new employees

• Great place to get mature feedback on products and services





• Fastest growing platform of all social media

• Young audience, highly active

• Relies on photos for conversation, similar to Pinterest

• Visual based platform, great way to promote products and brands

• Very big on beauty, art, food, and retail

• Excellent lead generating tool, and maybe the best social media platform to date

• Reach a wider audience looking for your products and services





• Mainly older male demographic

• Mainly focused on software, design, and engineering spaces

• Linked to Google Search, brings traffic back to your site

• Good for SEO, search engine optimization

• Not very popular but still has benefits

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